About Us.

Chum Creek Primary is a small, rural school with a long history of awareness of, and concern for, the environment. The school community holds the education of our children for a sustainable future as a core issue. The school believes it is vital to work towards creating a more sustainable school and future.

Chum Creek Primary School offers students and their families:

         a picturesque, rural environment;

         shaded play areas;

         small class sizes;

         multi-purpose room;

         caring and dedicated staff;

         flexible programs;

         parent involvement;

         genuine concern for student welfare;


         vegetable garden;

         modern play equipment;


         strong community involvement;

         self-sufficient water supply - water tanks!

         computer-to-student ratio better than 1:2;

         iPad program;

         65 hi-definition flatscreens in all classrooms;

         internet and email access in all classrooms.

Contact the school for more information or to arrange a tour.